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The Statistics Never Lie!!

After my session at the gym today, I had my quick breakfast in the cafe before walking back home. While enjoying my breakfast at one corner, at the other a family of 6 were having theirs and together they chit chattering happily. I happened to hear to some of their points and here are the gist of it:

The Mommy :

Son A, come and eat these pistachios. It is full of proteins, more than what you usually get with your daily beef or meat intake

The Son A :

Nope. I prefer to stick to what I always eat and they definitely taste better. I’m almost at my third week of my diet. ( Smiling gleefully)

The Daughter A :

Oh come on. Whatever that you are eating now and then, I don’t see any changes in you. Perhaps the only thing that change is that your portion is getting bigger and bigger.

The whole family laughed and the waiter came for the order.

The Mommy:

I would like to have the meehoon soup and a lemon tea.

The Daddy:

Give me the fried kuewtiau and teh tarik.

And while the sons were browsing thru the menu, the daughters ordered theirs when suddenly:

The Daddy:

Oh, I want to cancel mine and change it to kuewtiau soup. The tea remains. Since everybody is in the mood for healthy meals, i thought I could at least do the same. (He removed his glass and put it on the table while tapping the son sitting next to him)

All of them were in a total agreement until Son A ordered his:

For the meal, let me have the kuewtiau soup similar to my dad. And for the drink, give me COKE and a glass full of ice. TQ

It struck me deeply and made me think for a few seconds. And i didn’t know why, all those fast food ads in the TV were suddenly came swirling into my mind.

What disturbed me was that people are aware that they need to have healthy lifestyles and balance diets. But do they know what are those and how to do it? Some people just use own assumptions to achieve these goals and for me, due to this lacking people like Son A is being victimized for not knowing the common dos’ and dont’s in eating balance diet. I myself do confessed that there are periods when I just need to get that one bite of McD ‘s Big MacĀ  and one sip of those venti size Starbucks Mocha Frapucino .

But trust me, by not knowing the boundaries or rules and putting the effort required, you will not achieve anything. Yup, that’s right. Nothing!!!

A quick and random look at the BBC stats on obesity (2008 Stats), the trend was that people are getting fatter and fatter everywhere in the world. And it won’t change to ‘losing fat everywhere’ trend any sooner firstly because; the ‘lose fat’ statement doesn’t jive with the statistics term. It doesn’t sound right when it comes to ” People are losing fat everywhere in the world”. It sounds weird right?

And secondly was mainly due to the rising numbers of fast food chains out there. Believe me, when this army of burgers and sodas take over the world, we will be like those space people in the WALL-E movies. Yeay!!

To the readers, my suggestions are simple. Do these lists and you are off to a better lifestyles:

  1. Eat ‘real’ food but bear in mind, quantity trumps quality.
  2. Exercise regularly (Come on, get your ass moving for at least 3 times in a week!! It’s not that hard right?)
  3. Sleep and rest enough.

Do these, no more and no less, I’ll guarantee that you’ll be out from that creepy stats in no time.

But one thing still puzzle me.Why in the hell did the guy ordered COKE for breakfast?!!